About Thomas Cooper Studio

Creative partners Sally Thomas Cooper and Jason Kai Cooper, long known for fresh, modern lighting for home and hospitality through their ventures Luxe and Lusive, founded Thomas Cooper Studio to explore the material and sculptural essence of lighting.  

The Thomas Cooper Studio collection represents a multilayered, multifaceted collaboration between Jason and Sally. Materials and techniques join forces in a search for the inner poetry of each piece: heat-formed, mouth-blown, flash-cracked glass; carved marble, alabaster, and natural stone; cast and hand-patinaed bronze; hand-polished, leaded crystal. At the same time, a study of sculptural expression creates a balance between shine and shade, density and delicacy, form and function. 

Sally Thomas Cooper studied art history, music, and design in her native New Zealand and has worked as an interior designer, production designer, and marketing director for interior products. Jason Kai Cooper studied scenic and lighting design and has worked as a lighting, theatrical, and product designer. The couple have worked together since 1999 and hold Thomas Cooper Studio as the culmination of their shared design passions. 

Models in the collection are individually hand-crafted by the skilled artisans in our studio. Custom versions tailored to a specific setting are available by commission.